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ILT Junior Big Day In

On Tuesday 9 May a group of Junior and Middle School students made their way across to PLC to participate in the Junior Big Day In technology conference. This was a great opportunity for a selection of our students to work with a wide variety of technology companies. Our group participated in sessions from Solar Buddies, F1 in Schools and Apple. The highlight for most of them was the Solar Buddies. This is a not-for-profit organisation that supplies solar lighting for students in energy poverty around the world. Each student got to put together a light along with a message for the student that will receive it.

"My highlight of the day was making the lights from solar buddy activity. This was my favourite activity because we got to help others by making the lights." Ambie Nicholls (Year 7.4A)

"I would like to see the kids in Papua New Guinea get their lamp and read the note that I wrote. I want to see their reaction and know how they feel." Fletcher McIntosh Year (Year 7.2H)

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Mr Jared Faint
Middle School ILT