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Performing Arts

One of the joys that I have had this year is getting to know some of the boys in the Senior School through their involvement in the College Production - The Wedding Singer - which will be staged next week. Often we find that a natural consequence of involvement in co-curricular pursuits is the development of deeper relationships, both between students, between staff and between students and staff. It is much like being in a sporting team - the level of relationship held is greater than in the usual classroom environment. And it is a good thing, bringing many benefits.

There is so much to be gained from experiencing the fullness of school life whilst one has the opportunity. How boring to simply arrive at 8.30 every morning and leave as soon as the last bell goes. Anyone pursuing this strategy is missing so much. Speaking to some of the Year 12 boys during rehearsals confirms this. Some boys who had never been part of a production before but thought "I want to give this a go", "I want to experience what it's like to be in a production cast" have reflected on what a fantastic journey they have had and how much it has enriched their lives.

The Wedding Singer opens in just a few short sleeps. A number of students and staff have been working solidly since Spring term last year, rehearsing three times per week, outside of normal school hours and giving up their weekends. It all culminates in the shows, on stage, before a paying audience. For all involved, this is not the end and the end in itself is and was not the main goal. It is a significant part of the journey, but it is only one significant part.

Our Philharmonic Orchestra students are performing in their first recital series at St John the Evangelist Church in Fremantle this coming Saturday, 9 June. They have been part of a journey too in preparing for this event, experiencing the richness of playing music together, as a team, developing relationships and expanding their musical understandings. They will be performing alongside special guest and Scotch Alumnus Ashley Arbuckle (violin).

Some of our Pipers and Drummers will be performing at the Western Force home game on Saturday night, 9 June. What a magnificent opportunity as part of their journey, having committed to fully involving themselves in a co-curricular pursuit that many would otherwise not have the opportunity to take.

The exciting thing is, you, the Scotch College community of parents, family, friends and Old Scotch Collegians have an opportunity to be a part of this rich experience, to build relationships and to engage in the fullness. Book your ticket, come to the show, be at a performance. We invite you to be part of the journey.

For information of upcoming events see here.

Mr Scott Loveday
Head of Performing Arts