The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Saving Sinking Cities 8.1T

According to the National Environmental Science Programme (2017), Australia's coasts are vulnerable to a number of climatic hazards, one of the main ones being rising levels of sea water. This topic has formed the basis of our Humanities unit this term, Sunken City, where the boys have learnt how dynamic natural and cultural forces transform our world. So far, in an attempt to examine and understand some of the forces that can destroy our coastlines, the boys have learnt about erosion and deposition, the different types of waves, and how humans have contributed to the presence of coastal hazards.

The boys attended an excursion to Bathers Beach in Fremantle this term. Whilst there, they participated in some geographic field skills such as measuring wind speed and direction, precipitation, and water temperature. They studied the longshore drift and distinguished the waves as being either constructive or destructive. They also considered the Aboriginal history of the area, exploring the Manjarree walking trail, part of the Nyoongar coastal trail which stretches across Western Australia.

The excursion proved to be lots of fun and was a great opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom.

Mrs Tracey FitzPatrick
Year 8 Teacher