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Middle School Indonesian

Highlights so far this year in Middle School Indonesian were:

  1. Year 8s participated in Kompetisi Klip klip & interactive lesson using the virtual travelling activity.
  2. Year 7s enjoyed a language ambassador visit with inspiring- Jack Collard and a cooking lesson.
  3. Year 6s explored fun language immersion activities - costume, sing, dancing & playing congklak.

Our Year 6 students had a smooth start in their journey of learning a new language in Semester 1. Not only do they now know basic greetings, numbers and colours in Indonesian, but they also learned about Indonesian culture through dressing up in traditional costumes and wearing 'peci'. They also got competitive, playing the traditional game of congklak, enjoyed singing and dancing, and had the chance to show some moves to Indonesian tunes. Students also indulged in Ibu Suri's Nasi Kuning dish.

Students in Year 7 Indonesian had the opportunity to meet and listen to an inspiring talk by Jack Collard, a young Indonesian Language Ambassador. Jack has been studying Indonesian language since Year 5 and has recently just won the 2018 Indonesian Speech Competition organised by the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. Jack shared his personal stories relating to his study and love of Indonesia and the Indonesian language with our students, inspiring them to pursue a lifelong engagement with Indonesia. The Year 7 students also had great fun experiencing a lesson in cooking nasi goreng, learning about the ingredients and how to cook the dish.

Year 8 Indonesian students have been learning about giving and taking directions in the unit "Lost in the City". As part of their learning, they have worked on a Virtual Travelling Activity where they have to solve direction challenge and navigate Indonesian streets using the technology of Google Maps and VR goggles. They were enthusiastic in completing the direction challenge and learned about the differences between streets in Indonesia and Australia.

Besides the above, a number of Indonesian students in Year 8 are participating in a video clip competition held jointly by the Indonesian Consulate and the Westralian Indonesian Language Teachers Association (WILTA). Of all the amazing entries that we have received, three have been submitted to the competition. One of them is a rap music video by Ollie Cooper, James Anderson, Lochlan O'Brien, and Jack Williamson. In the song, they rap about liking delicious nasi goreng and asking their teacher, Pak Jonathan to let them play Kahoot!. The winner will be announced in Week 3 this term.

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Ibu Francesca Gabby Surijata
Middle School Indonesian Teacher