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Year 3S News

3S finished the first semester with a bang! After exploring how and why products go through a process of change before being distributed and consumed, we engaged in a two-week long project to design and build a cardboard chair that could hold the weight of our teacher. We learnt about how cardboard is made before undertaking research for our designs. We hypothesised and tested theories by constructing miniature prototypes and drew blueprints for the real thing. After extensive investigations, the build began. At the conclusion of the project, we invited friends and family to view our hard work and our nervous teacher got to test out the chairs. Most were successful, however, some designs saw Mrs Springall (and in some cases Mr Stewart) fall flat on the floor. The exhibition is still on display in the gallery space underneath the JS/MS Library and we encourage you to check it out.

This term also had an exciting start as we delved into Aboriginal culture during our NAIDOC week celebrations. We shared in dreamtime stories, had our faces painted and threw boomerangs, all of which we shared in our assembly item.

Furthermore, we were privileged to share our learning journey (to date) with our families at the Student-Led Conferences, a process we thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who came along and made the day extra special.

Finally, we began exploring the need for scientific classification in our fourth Unit of Inquiry. So far, we have learnt about the process of classification including how things are classified, and we are currently exploring the features and characteristics that make something living or non-living. We look forward to enhancing our science knowledge even further and putting it to good use through our actions.

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Mrs Larree Springall
Year 3 Teacher