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Groundwater Replenishment with 7.6G

Did you know that 99.97% of all the liquid that makes it way to a wastewater treatment plants in Western Australia, is clean, uncontaminated water? Only 0.3% of the water that makes it way down the drains is actually waste. On a recent excursion to the Groundwater Replenishment Centre in Beenyup, the students in 7G learned all about this. They were taken on a guided tour that showed them the process and the expensive machinery used to clean our wastewater and return it to nature and most importantly back to the Yarragadee and Leederville Aquifers. The tour was filled with valuable information that will help them in their Water Solution Inquiry and Separation Challenge experiments in the coming weeks.

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Mr Peter Gaspar
Year 7.6G Homeroom Teacher