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The Heart Foundation Winter Sports Round

Vice Captain of School – Service, Luke Beeson (Stuart House) organised the inaugural Heart Foundation Winter Sports Round on Saturday. The Firsts teams wore red socks and The Heart Foundation had representatives at the Memorial Grounds to collect donations and spread the message regarding heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes and Scotch College is proud to be working with The Heart Foundation to raise awareness and funds for their research and educational work.


East Kimberley Cultural Immersion Tour

Last week's East Kimberley Cultural Immersion Tour was a great success. The group spent time with The Clontarf Foundation in Kununurra, Mawul Primary School at Doon Doon Remote Community, and Wyndham District High School. The hospitality of these three organisations was immense and we are extremely grateful to them. The group was also fortunate to spend a morning with the EON Foundation at Doon Doon and a big thanks to Laura Priest from EON who came down form Kununurra for the morning.

The trip was full of highlights and had a very busy itinerary. The group was able to get a sense of three very different communities in the region and interact with students from a range of backgrounds. Some particular experiences of note include attending the East Kimberley League Grand Final between the Kururrungku Roos and the Wyndham Crocs, attending the Kununurra Rodeo, being taken to some rock art in the Cockburn Ranges, hunting bush turkey on Glen Hill Station and spotting a large male crocodile in a billabong not far out of Wyndham.

Importantly, the trip was the first step in building some relationships in the region and it was very successful from this perspective. We look forward to building on these and hopefully hosting some of these organisations at Scotch.

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Year 10 (2019) Student Exchanges

Max Jones (Year 10, Anderson) gave a wonderful account of his exchange experience with the International Day School, Zurich, on Friday at Senior School Assembly.

Year 9 students and their families are reminded that applications for 2019 close on Thursday 16 August.

More information can be found here.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community and Service