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In our last Unit of Inquiry, Sharing the Planet, the central idea was that people's decisions and actions may protect the Earth's resources for the future. The boys were completely engaged in all activities which included an excursion to Perth Zoo, several incursions by knowledgeable parents from architects to property developers, and the concluding exhibition where the boys were able to discuss and present their sustainable homes.

During the course of our Winter Term, the Year 2 boys have proven themselves to be responsible, considerate and committed to the Scotch culture and community. For as many Fridays as we could this term, weather and workload permitting, the boys have been ready in class at 8:00 am to make their march up to senior school in order to watch their buddies and the rest of Senior School march up to the Dickinson Centre. Their faces throughout and the animated conversations on the way back to Junior School have made every moment worthwhile.

This may have contributed to why our final get together with Year 2/12 students was such a joy… an early (very) wintry morning brought the Year 2 and Year 12 together at the Gooch Pavilion for a series of relay games in mixed teams. Finishing with a cooked breakfast set everyone up for a cracking Tuesday that day and gave the boys hands on evidence to support their current Unit of Inquiry, 'How the World Works'. Following their discussions and investigations on how forces may be applied to objects to enable movement or make deliberate change, became pretty evident during their tug of war.

img_3694.jpg img_3690.jpg img_0005.jpg img_1836.jpg

Whilst the boys have been learning and sharing what they can do it's been a full term of sharing who they are. The pictures below reflect some of this. For whilst, we all find inspiration from success and achievement, it really is about who we are that matters. If you find time to visit 2M and read what our boys are grateful for, what they've learned, who they admire in their lives and see their positive attitudes towards one another, you'll see what we mean. In the meantime, enjoy these humans captured in the pictures below!

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Mrs Sue Mitchell
Year 2 Teacher