The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

College pride is a major driver for our students and staff. Last week College pride was evident in spades.

We just finished celebrating Arts Week. This time is a unique and special chance to celebrate pride in the creative processes involved in learning. Throughout the week many of us were fortunate enough to experience some amazing moments delivered by many students from across the whole school. Creativity is such a wonderful, yet underrated attribute in the learning journey. The arts are a proud element of the College with many students participating in music, visual art, drama and creative writing both in class and in their own personal time. These artistic tools are not only being utilised in arts-based classes but also in humanities, science and business where teachers ask boys to design something or act out a scenario that relates to their subject. This is a refreshing way for boys to learn, as sitting behind a desk writing or reading all day is not a learning method that works for all boys.

The College is also proud to be part of the PSA group of schools. On Thursday and Friday last week, we respectively participated in the annual JPSSA and PSA Athletic carnivals. Congratulations to all of the boys, staff and coaches who contributed so much to make these events both enjoyable and successful. Our Junior boys did a great job fighting to the very end and ultimately finishing third.

On Friday our Year 7-12 PSA team delivered what can only be labelled as a resounding team effort to bring the shield back home to Scotch College. The winning margin of 117.5 points was an across the board team effort.  Consistency was the key for all of our age groups and events. Thank you to our cheer squad who urged every boy in every event to achieve their personal best.

In my last Thistle article, I alluded to the shambolic political events taking place in Canberra. This period of political upheaval has highlighted more than ever the need to develop future leaders. Over the last couple of weeks, a very comprehensive process has been undertaken to identify our College and Senior School leaders for the 2018/19 academic year. As with all leadership and selection processes, there were more nominations than places available and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to every student who put themselves forward for consideration. It takes courage to nominate and all boys should take pride in having the courage to seek a position. I wish all of our newly elected leaders all of the very best as they take over in the coming weeks.

Three of the elected positions, School Captain, Vice-Captain Operations and Vice-Captain Service, carry a whole of school responsibility. The other positions will also contribute to our whole of school activities. My desire is that our younger boys get to see their school leaders throughout the year within their respective sub schools. The purpose of this is to develop the aspirations of all students to be future leaders at Scotch College. The five Senior Student Leaders are listed below and the Senior School House roles are listed under the Senior School section.

In closing I wish all of our Year 11 and 12s the best of wishes as they prepare to embark on an important series of examinations.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr A J O'Connell

2018/2019 Student Leadership

Captain of School

Harrison Gilchrist

Vice Captain of School (Operations)

Blake Costello

Vice Captain of School (Service)

Alexander van Hoek

Head of Student Council

Benjamin Steinberg

Captain of Residential Life

Denzil Brooks