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New Academic offerings at Scotch College

With the commencement of the new academic year the Senior School is excited to deliver for the first time a number of new courses further expanding the offerings available at the College.

Applied Information Technology – Year 11 ATAR

The development and application of digital technologies impacts most aspects of living and working in our society. Digital technologies have changed how people interact and exchange information. These developments have created new challenges and opportunities in lifestyle, entertainment, education and commerce.

Throughout the Applied Information Technology ATAR course, students investigate client-driven issues and challenges, devise solutions, produce models or prototypes and then evaluate and refine the design solution in collaboration with the client. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience, albeit in a school environment, developing digital solutions for real situations.

Outdoor Education – Year 11 General

The Outdoor Education General course in particular, focuses on outdoor activities in a range of environments including: rope mobility, climbing and abseiling, white water kayaking and rescue, bushwalking, expedition planning, and surfing.

The course provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills such as communication, leadership and self-management, whilst building a comprehensive understanding of the role they play in the environment. The course aims to provide the boys with the skills necessary to pursue personal interests or a career in outdoor activities, such as environmental management, eco-tourism and vertical rope access.

Certificate II – Year 11 Music Industry (Commenced 2018)

Many students play a musical instrument, or sing, or indeed do both. Some are interested in the production side of music, such as recording, editing and mixing. Some are songwriters. In today's marketplace, the savvy musician has a level of skill in each of these areas.

The course is designed with this in mind, and incorporates elements of the three aspects mentioned above. Successful completion of this course means students will graduate with a formal qualification in Music, delivered by Scotch College but auspiced by Melbourne based group COSAMP, the educational division of professional Melbourne recording studio Salt Studios.

International Baccalaureate – Year 11 Further Mathematics

The IB DP further mathematics higher level (HL) course caters for students with a very strong background in mathematics who have attained a high degree of competence in a range of analytical and technical skills, and who display considerable interest in the subject. Most of these students will expect to study mathematics at university, either as a subject in its own right or as a major component of a related subject.

Philosophy – Year 10 Elective

From the fall of Ancient Greece to the rise of Artificial Intelligence, this course provides a philosophical grounding to some of the biggest questions we face. We will challenge assumptions, provoke debate and offer a multi-disciplinary approach to how we might ask the right questions and answer them together in a community of inquiry. For guidance, we will collaborate with our academics and industry partners, drawing on politics, economics, history, psychology, the arts, science, technology, ethics and religion in the pursuit of truth.

All of the information on any course available from K-12 is available for our community to view here:

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning