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Information Learning Technology

The Junior School boys have been working hard over the last month, some boys even working over the holidays directing their pets, their toys and their lego creations. Parents have also been encouraged to show their acting prowess to help create films for the Junior School Film festival.

Each year boy from Years 1 to 5 are invited to enter an original film for the Festival, this is an opportunity for the JS boys to enter a film on any topic. Entries are judged by a panel, and finalists and winners are shown at the Festival.

All movies are made by the Junior School boys, in their own time rather than class time.    Each Junior School boy has his own iPad so they have all the tools they need; the camera app, iMovie and Garage Band, the music maker, all combine to help to create a masterpiece.

Each year the number of entries grow and each year the quality of submissions become more and more professional. Past entries have included; stop motion animations, silent and sepia films, documentaries and instructional videos.

The judges always have an amazing range of films to try and honor with an Oscar for Best film awarded.  There are also awards for Best Action Sequence, Best Narration, Best Stop Motion Animation, Best Cameo and Best Soundtrack.

The newly refurbished Memorial Hall makes the perfect theatre location for the boys to see their films on the big screen.  We are looking forward to seeing the budding film makers entries in Memorial Hall on 16 November.  Hopefully many of these boys will go on to pursue their passion for film making.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist