The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

6.4E Being, Becoming, Belonging

Throughout Winter Term, the boys in 6.4E explored the concept of migration, specifically looking at who, why and how individuals migrate to Australia. Initially we looked into our own class migration history and discovered some fascinating stories about where our families originated from. This led to researching other stories of groups of people or individuals who migrated to Australia and the reasons why they migrated.

From here the boys were involved in numerous learning experiences to greater understand how individuals can migrate. This included exploring different visas that Australia provides. One of the highlights for the students involved a role play where students were allocated different conditions and needed to apply for a visa to come to Australia. This resulted in extensive discussions about whether it was "fair" if they were denied entry into Australia.

As a culminating task, the boys were required to create a biography about a migrant or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person.  They inquired into the history of the individual and considered the push and pull factors that led them through their life's journey.  Research also focused on the contributions made to Australia's economic and social development.

Towards the end of the term, our class were involved in a service project with Maddington Primary School.  The boys wrote letters to a fellow Year 6 student and discussed their family's migration history.  They are eagerly awaiting their return letter and they will have the opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between the migration stories.  We also collected a mixture of pre-loved books which we will donate to Maddington Primary School early next term.


Miss Lauren Ellington
Year 6.4E Homeroom Teacher