The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

2019 Year 12 Residential Life Leaders

This year we have taken a new approach to electing our 2019 student leaders and this included voting by the whole of the Year 11 student cohort as well as interviews with the Headmaster.  This has been an exciting new approach to the election of our Senior Leaders and a move that has added a layer of extra pressure on the boys throughout the election process.

After two weeks of elections and interviews we are very pleased to announce our following leaders:

Captain of Residential Life: Denzil Brooks (Keys)

Vice Captain of Residential Life - Operations: Aidan Veitch (Keys)

Vice Captain of Residential Life - Service: Liam McCreery (Keys)

Highlander Captains: Callum Hills (Keys), Kirwan MacTaggart (Ross), Samuel McConachy (Shearer) and Levi Waters (Keys)

The Highlander Captains have yet to be allocated to a group because we have decided to reduce the number of Highlander groups from six to four. We are aware that we only just introduced the Highlanders but have felt over the last couple of years that there were too many groups and not enough boys in each.  We are currently researching future names and colours and these will be released early next term.

For more Residential Life information follow this link