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7.7T Mindful About Meditation

This term the 7.7T Homeroom has embarked on a journey of exploration about mindfulness and meditation.  In the very busy and ever-changing world we all live, we hope these two fantastic life skills will help us, and Mr Tresise, strengthen and develop our minds.

So far, we have explored the key message that mindfulness is a mental skill of paying attention to what is going on right now or focusing on something in our minds. Mindfulness is a skill that needs practice to develop. It is a shift from automatic, reactive thought to conscious, directed thought.  It implies seeing things clearly and accurately, which usually leads to a better outcome.

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Later this term, we will do some meditation. Meditation is a technique that relaxes the body quickly and consciously and also calms the mind by paying attention and noticing thoughts.

Mindfulness and Meditation are part of the wellness and wellbeing initiative here at Scotch College. Wellbeing is perhaps one of the most important foundations in preparing boys for life.

Mr Peter Tresise
Year 7.7T Homeroom Teacher