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7.5M Exploring Ancient Greece

This term the Year 7 cohort has been delving into the life stories of Ancient Greeks who have impacted the way we live our lives today.  The 7.5M Homeroom has teamed up with their buddy classes, 7.6G and 7.7T, to undertake this project, which will take up to eight weeks to complete.  It is designed to be a labour of love as the boys have been grouped together based on their passion for a particular final product.

Boys were given the freedom to come up with just about any form of text for their final presentation on the research and knowledge they had gained about their chosen Ancient Greek.  Students selected a wide range of ideas from board games to documentaries to mini-models to podcasts, and they are working hard as they head towards the presentation afternoon in Week 9A. Each group has mapped out their timeline of events, designated tasks to each group member and will continually reflect on the strength and weaknesses of their group throughout the inquiry.

7m1.jpg  7m2.jpg  7m3.jpg

It is sure to be an informative and exciting afternoon on Monday 3 December as the boys of 7.5M (and the rest of the cohort) proudly show off their portfolios and final presentations.

Ms Deborah Mullin
Year 7.5M Homeroom Teacher