The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Taking on the Triathlon

This season I had the pleasure of coaching the Triathlon team for Spring Term. Lawrence Felgate and Karen Woods left me a wonderful, motivated team who wanted to train - and train we did!

Our Tuesday morning sessions with Coach Jamie Baldwin took the boys through grueling bike sessions that made the group work physically and mentally.  Each Thursday afternoon session the group were put through their paces with a split session including bike to run transitions, maximal 800-meter run efforts and even a hail storm to test their spirit.  None of these challenges could stop this group of boys from supporting and encouraging each other and competing sessions to their highest potential.

The group competed in several events being challenged by the Motorplex Duathlon, School Sports WA Championships and the Left Bank Sprint with some superb individual efforts.  Rohan Baldwin (8.5M) has had an outstanding start to this season with several podium finishes already.  Jackson Conti (7.2H) has been a great addition to the team competing in his first events and improving each time.

triathlon1.jpg  triathlon2.jpg  triathlon5.jpg

Many thanks go to Jamie Baldwin for the Tuesday morning grinds and our Senior School leaders: Benji Steinberg, Owen Edgar, Jamie Coulson and Jock Sutherland. It has been a great group to be involved with and I look forward to seeing their progress in the future.

Mr Kane Mitchell
Middle School Teacher