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Year 5L News

On Wednesday 7 November, the Year 5 students celebrated their learning through inquiry towards their Primary Years Program Exhibition. The theme for Exhibition was, 'Who We Are' with a focus on beliefs, values, culture, health and the environment.  Each of the boys selected an area of curiosity and developed a burning question to lead their investigation. The boys showed independence, commitment and persistence in following their inquiry through from the research phase, to the report writing phase and finally, to the creation of a statement piece which portrayed their message. The boys focused on self-management skills, self-discipline and creativity.

The boys had many visitors throughout the Exhibition week and welcomed students from both Perth Ladies College as well as the International School of Western Australia. The students were also visited by students from Kindergarten all the way through to the Year 8. All students and their teachers were very complimentary about the boys' process journals, reports and their final exhibits.  The Exhibition evening was a great success with each of the boys confident in their speaking skills and elated with their individual success.

Each of the boys has connected in some way to who they are and to who we are collectively. Their action will now put into practice what they have learned and hopefully share the message of 'global-mindedness'.

You can catch up with all the PYP Exhibition happenings via the Y5PYP Blog page:

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Ms Irene Louden
Year 5 Teacher