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From the Head of Junior School

True Colours Come Shining Through

On Wednesday 7 November, the Year 5 students presented their PYP Exhibition. Working from the transdisciplinary theme 'Who we are', the boys examined a range of topics and passionately delivered their research and their learning to the Scotch community. On Monday and Tuesday of last week, the boys presented to our own students from the Junior and Middle Schools, students from the International School of Western Australia, Presbyterian Ladies' College as well as their parents and relatives.

The exhibition is a culminating experience of the Primary Years Programme and gives the boys the opportunity to showcase their skills as an inquirer. The feature item of each boy's exhibition was their statement piece. The one piece that they would use to focus their audience around their main points of discussion for their inquiry. The creativity the boys demonstrated was outstanding, ranging from models demonstrating the workings of a volcano or the inner workings of a virus, candy representations of DNA molecules, incredible artworks of musical instruments or interactive displays involving hydroponics, sensory playground areas and other creative ways of sharing their passion in their lives.

Each boy worked from a burning question, the key thing they wanted to learn or discover and demonstrated their research skills by producing outstanding written reports and orally sharing with their assembled audience the wonderful things they have learned and discovered. The key feature of the exhibition was the action each boy took. They were able to speak clearly about how it has changed what they believed or how it will impact on what they will do going forward.

To start the evening, the boys sang the song 'True Colours'. The exhibition truly was an opportunity for them to show their colours and the pride in their learning. Exhibitions of this standard are rare for children of this age. We had to remind ourselves as we walked through the presentation that the boys talking to us were ten and eleven years old. They truly presented as beyond their years.

Something like this exhibition does not simply happen. The incredible amount of work that takes place behind the scenes to bring this to the fore is remarkable. Not only did the boys benefit from the mentoring of the Junior School teaching staff through their nine-week journey, they were supported every step of the way by their outstanding classroom teachers and Mr Warwick Norman, Dean of Teaching and Learning.  I want to thank Mrs Alexander, Ms Louden and Mr Wells for their expertise, their passion and their commitment to these boys that helped them get to this point in their learning.  I want to also congratulate the boys for their efforts. The way they went about presenting and sharing their learning with the community this week makes me so very proud of them. Each of them did show their true colours this week. They showed their passion for learning, passion for communicating and the strength of their character to each person who attended the exhibition.

The feedback from staff and parents who joined us, was how they were taken aback at the ability of these boys and the standard of presentation and learning they demonstrated. I want to say well done to everyone involved in this wonderful journey.  

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Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School