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Mouthguard Information 2019

Another mouthguard season is fast approaching. We will be following the same routine as last year with a slight change for all Middle School boys. To make it easier, the hardcopy Galadent form will be distributed out to the boys in their Guided Literacy class. Please ensure that your son forwards this onto you.

All students in Senior School (non Boarders)are requested to look out for the clearly labelled container, outside the HEALTH CENTRE entrance, to collect their hardcopy Galadent form.


This year, Galadent now have a new online booking system that will require Parents/Guardians to go direct to Galadent's website  Once on their website, please click on the 'Mouthguard Booking' button and follow the prompts accordingly.  Appointments will run in five minute intervals on each day, as listed below.  Upon successfully booking an appointment a confirmation email will be sent.  If you prefer, you are also able to complete an online mouthguard form.  Just click on the 'Mouthguard Form' button and then on the 'Download Form' button and fill in your son's details.  Please print off the completed form and give it to your son to bring to his allocated appointment.

Galadent would like to extend this opportunity again to all parents who have other children with mouthguard requirements, to avail themselves of this service.  If you would like extra hardcopies of their form, they can be collected from Middle School Reception and outside the Health Centre entrance (in clearly labelled containers)


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in the HEALTH CENTRE on:

FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2019                    3.30PM – 6.00PM


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in MacKELLAR HALL on the following dates:

FRIDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2019                   4.00PM – 6.00PM

SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2019                  10.00AM – 2.00PM

SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2019             10.00AM – 2.00PM

All payments will need to be made direct to Galadent as they will not be deducted from your school account, as in previous years.  On the Galadent form you will see a provision for you to either complete your credit card details, attach a cheque made payable to Galadent Dental or alternatively pay in cash (sealed in an envelope marking your son's details on the front).  Mouthguard impressions cannot be taken unless this payment option has been fully completed.

All students will be issued with an itemised Account/Receipt with the delivery of their mouthguard, this will enable you to claim your rebate through your private ancillary cover.  For those parents insured with HBF, Galadent are a HBF Members Plus provider and this will entitle you to a higher rebate.

Students will be notified of the collection dates and times as they are determined, thank you.