The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile

The Enhanced PYP

Since its inception, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) has widely impacted not only students aged 3 to 12 and their school communities worldwide but also the course of international education. As a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and student-centered education with responsible action at its core, the PYP remains trusted, timeless and transformational. Through the PYP, students experience learning that is engaging, significant, challenging and relevant as it spans between, across and beyond traditional subject boundaries.

In response to the challenges and opportunities found in our rapidly changing complex world, and in line with movements in global education to develop lifelong learners, a future-focused PYP has evolved to support IB World Schools as they strive for excellence in primary education.

Throughout the year I will share the improvements being adopted by Scotch College and other PYP schools from around the world. Below I have listed the new approaches to learning and in the next article I will elaborate on how these approaches have changed, how they will be adopted by the students and how the teachers will consider developing these holistically through their collaborative planning sessions.

  • thinking – critical, creative, transfer
  • research – ethical, media and information literacy
  • communication – listening, speaking, interpreting
  • social – interpersonal, social and emotional intelligence
  • self-management – mindfulness, time management, organisation.

Mr Warwick Norman
Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning