The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 1G News

What an exciting start to the year the Year Ones have had. The boys have finally burst out of the gates of the ELC. Their sights are set on the expanse of the big lush green ovals. The boys began begging to play on these from day one. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time playing soccer on the oval and jumping from the pirate ship onto the monkey bars; quite a mean feat.

The boys have settled beautifully into their new routine, have formed caring thoughtful friendships and are still getting used to what comes with a full summer uniform (shirts to tuck in and shoe laces to tie). Last Tuesday saw the boys get their own school iPad. This created a buzz of excitement and an abundance of typing and swiping. I am sure we had an extra student in our class called Siri.

We have started off the term with swimming lessons. We have had googles, rashies, jocks, socks and thongs flying in all directions and we have been learning a lot about being responsible for our own belongings.

The boys are very mature and eager to learn. What an amazing year of exciting possibilities and adventures we are to share together.  Watch this space!


Mrs Kristen Gray
Year 1 Teacher