The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Chaplain's Reflections

The rededication of the magnificent PC Anderson Chapel on Friday made me think of various churches I have attended over the years – from the colour and majesty of Greek Orthodox liturgy, to the beautiful simplicity of a Quaker Meeting; from the aroma of incense at a Coptic Church in Cairo to the drums and ululating of an African Independent Church (not actually in a building but under a tree in the veld (bushland) on the Mozambiquan border); from the pontificating Dominie (minister) in a Dutch Reformed Church to meditating in a converted barn at a silent community in Switzerland.  In all these places and times, I have felt and believed myself to be part of the body with which I was worshipping.  My spiritual understanding has always been enlarged and made more authentic through contact with other traditions.

The Scotch community consists of people from different backgrounds, experiences, traditions and cultural practices.  Every time we enter the PC Anderson Chapel, the spiritual centre of the school, these differences are transcended, and we leave behind our private world of trials and tribulations.  As we focus on God, we feel that communion of spirit, a communion with the community of Scotch, and a refurbishment of spirit that remains with us as we return to our studies.

May the PC Anderson Chapel continue to be a place of peace and meditation, worship and faith, where we are affirmed and empowered to serve and to see in each other the image of the One whose love, healing and wisdom enfold us all.