The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

In a community as large as Scotch, there are always times of special celebration and renewal. Last Friday was no exception when we held a very special ceremony to rededicate the PC Anderson Memorial Chapel, induct our two new Chaplains, Revd Gary van Heerden and Revd Justine Wall, and bid farewell to our Chaplain of 31 years, Revd Chas Lewis.

This service proved to be yet another example of how cross generations come together at Scotch College to celebrate major events. To see the number of people sharing stories and also spending a lot of time looking through our heritage centre, brought a real sense of longevity and pride in the College.

Over the last couple of weeks we have also been lucky enough to see our three sub schools participate in the annual swimming carnivals. Once again, these events prove to be great generators for community participation. The carnivals are also a great way to reinforce sport as an important part of wellbeing and fitness. Of course a little competition doesn't hurt either, as demonstrated via the house systems each year.

Without doubt, one of the most 'must be seen at events' around town is the Year 12 Scotch Ball; and 2019 was no different. The regalia, pageantry and genuine sense of fun was alive and well. I would like to congratulate the boys and their partners for the quality of their behaviour. The boys and their partners represented their school and families very well.

This event simply cannot happen without the unbelievable array of volunteer mothers and students. Thanks to everyone who ensured that our boys will remember their Year 12 Ball for many years to come.

As we enter Week 4 of Summer Term, I sincerely trust that all boys are now well and truly settled in to their work routines. With so many co-curricular and other activities happening day in and day out, it is important that we remain focused on teaching and learning across all grades. Remember that a boy's progress is only enhanced with quality communication between teachers and families. If you are unsure about anything to do with your son's programme and progress, do not hesitate to contact the relevant person in your son's sub-school.

Have a great fortnight.