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Year 5W News

In 5W we have been looking at the transdisciplinary theme of 'How We Organise Ourselves'. Our central idea has allowed us to look at the rules and laws that govern society, which has led us to find some more obscure laws that are still in effect today. Such laws include; the fact that you cannot carry more than 50 kilograms of potatoes on you or in your vehicle as this is an offence according to the Marketing of Potatoes Act of 1946. We have also looked at different types of governments around the globe from dictatorships to monarchies and direct democracies. We then used Lego figurines to demonstrate our understanding while also using our creativity in achieving our desired outcomes.

In Mathematics, we have created simple budgets for our political campaign and tried to devise a plan to achieve the greatest number of voters within the $400,000 budget.

In English, we have been reading articles about the birth of democracy while we are writing persuasive speeches for our political campaign.

The boys have been eager to question, learn and enjoy being part of the JPSSA sporting arena competing against the other schools. I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year ahead in 5W.

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Mr Andrew Wells
Year 5 Teacher