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7.2 Reflects on the Chapel Rededication

The PC Anderson Memorial Chapel was rededicated in February and Homeroom 7.2 were lucky to be invited to sit in the Chapel and witness the ceremony first hand. The boys felt honoured to be amongst Old Scotch families and other very important members of the Scotch community.  The joy the boys felt when in the Chapel was obvious.  As soon as they entered their eyes were drawn to the stained-glass windows, and their bodies stood tall and proud in response to the natural light and beauty of the space.

The boys of 7.2 reflected on this momentous occasion:

"I noticed that the Chapel was almost unrecognisable after the renovations.  I liked the new glass in the Chapel as it lets more natural light in to the building."  Ethan Buzza

"Today I was honoured with the opportunity to attend the opening of the brand new Chapel.  I really enjoyed the live music and I respect the courage it took for the boys to do that." Aidan Marstrand

"Reverend van Heerden and Reverend Wall were inducted and I could see that they were overjoyed."   Santiago James

"When I entered, the difference was awe inspiring.  It looked amazing as if it had just been made.  I admit it was so beautiful that for the majority of the time I wasn't able to pay much attention to what they were saying."  Jackson Sellepack

"I felt special sitting next to the famous Scotch people that came before us.  What I like thinking about is if we have sons then maybe they can be part of the next Chapel ceremony."  Tom Wallwork

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Ms Gabriel Hodgson
7.2 Homeroom Teacher