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8.1 Why Are You Here?

"Why are you here?"  This was the question that I posed to the boys in their first Individuals & Societies lesson this year.  It was met with a variety of interesting responses, ranging from, "Because you told me to sit here", to "This is where the magnetic forces of the Universe have placed planet Earth".  But, it had the desired effect - it got the boys thinking about cause and effect.

The 8.1 boys brainstormed all the possibilities of things that could have prevented them from being here.  The most common response here was if their parents had never met!  Finally, they considered what it would be like if they no longer could live where they do.  These discussions have formed the basis of our Individuals & Societies unit this term, Sunken City, where the boys will start to consider how dynamic natural and cultural forces transform our world over time.

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Students will investigate the lives of communities that live near a coastal landscape and will create a proposal to manage the impacts of predicted increases of damaging storms and rising sea levels.

The boys of 8.1 have made a great start to their year and are excited about the opportunities that await them.

Mrs Tracey FitzPatrick
8.1 Homeroom Teacher