The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 3W News

Summer Term has been the usual whirlwind, with the boys throwing themselves into a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. They have completed their block of swimming and participated brilliantly in their first Inter-House Swimming Carnival. There have been excursions to Penguin Island to look at the way that animal communities rely on one another and co-exist successfully in their environment.

Currently, we are lucky enough to be working with James Giddy, Artist in Residence, on a mural project which will see a large mural being painted on the stairwell of the school. It will reflect the connections with our local community and will be a wonderful collaboration.

Next week we will host a group of visitors form Romily House; this French initiative will welcome others from the local community, help the boys to practise their conversational French and allow them to interact with different members of our local community.

As if that is not enough, we are now commencing our Action component of this unit, brainstorming ideas and ways that we can do something to help our local community. Mr Stewart has received lots of persuasive letters seeking permission to stage some exciting events; a Cookie and Lemonade Stall to raise funds for Romily House, Donations of towels for Shenton Dogs Refuge and also a Toy Swap Day. Watch this space for all of the pertinent details as 3W swing into action and make some positive and exciting changes. It is fabulous to see their enthusiasm and empathy and I am excited to help the boys on this stage of their learning journey.

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Mrs Alison Webster
Year 3 Teacher