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Strength through diversity

Strength through diversity is the name of a current OECD project that considers the impact of education on migrant integration and social cohesion. The term reminds me of an unofficial motto of an incredible migration story, the story of the United States. E pluribus unum, translated from Latin "Out of many, one. The meaning of the phrase originates from the concept that out of the union of the original colonies emerged a new single nation. It is emblazoned across the scroll and clenched in the eagle's beak on the seal of the United States.

When it comes to the Scotch College exchange programme the greatest strength is the diversity of schools that we have built a relationship with and the breadth of countries that these schools are located in. As well as the life shaping experience for our boys spending time overseas, the international perspective and flavour that hosting boys at Scotch College provides is important for our whole community. There is research that states that organisations with the greatest global outlook, are not those that spend time outside of their home country, but those that host or employ the most diverse employees. In the school setting, hosting students from almost 20 schools across six continents brings a huge amount of diversity and global perspective and our membership of the Round Square network enables this. As Reverend Gary told us in Assembly on Friday, what brings us together is far stronger than what divides us and our exchange programme is an excellent method for our community to embrace people and perspectives from around the world.


So, a big welcome to the four Round Square exchange boys in the Senior School at the moment.

Lachlan Harris-Fiesel (Year 10, Brisbane) from Strathcona-Tweedmuir School in Alberta, Canada.

Jacob Febrey (Year 10, Stuart) from the Inter Community School in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sebastian Jacques (Year 10, St Andrews) from La Sal├ęsien in Quebec, Canada.

Reilly Kaczmarek (Year 10, Alexander) (arriving 25 March) from the Fountain Valley School in Colorado, USA.

The article above features Nicholas Ode (Year 10, Cameron) from Markham College in Lima, Peru who we recently farewelled.

Most of these boys are staying in Western Australia for about eight weeks and our Scotch boys will spend eight weeks at the reciprocal school.


A few reminders below on various web links for information on The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and Round Square.