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ELC French News

Salut! Kaya! Hello! おはよう! Hallo! Grüezi! Ciao! नमस्ते! Cześć! Ngachilihi! Dia dhuit! Salām!

We had a fabulous start to the spring term in the ELC French classes, celebrating NAIDOC and Languages Week. We discovered that there are a lot of different languages spoken by our staff and students in the Early Years and we taught each other to say “Hello!” in different languages.

Expressing feelings in French lead us to all sorts of different activities. From singing songs and dancing to crafting facial expressions out of different materials such as plasticine and leaves. While we created happy, sad and angry faces, we learned how to name the parts of the visage in French.  

picture-french-1.jpg picture-french-2.jpg picture-french-3.jpg picture-french-4.jpg

Our marionette (puppet) Marcel is teaching the children to shake hands and to have a chat in French. He also loves stories and is sharing songs, rhymes and jokes in French. Marcel and the children enjoyed celebrating Le Jour du Chapeau-Hat Day and made some fabulous creations. Très chic!

picture-french-5.jpg picture-french-6.jpg picture-french-7.jpg picture-french-8.jpg

Madame Simona Carniello
ELC French Specialist