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5L News

This term has been a celebration of ‘Who We Are’ in looking at identity and the unique characteristics that form our individuality.  The boys created a self-portrait and collage that shared external influences that help develop their internal understanding of self. Through poetry, the boys identified metaphors that connected with the person they were developing into. This has set the stage for our journey towards the PYP Exhibition which is a culmination of learning in Junior School.  Remembering their uniqueness and passions in life has assisted in channeling their ideas towards burning questions to lead their inquiry.  The classroom is abuzz with research and ideas at the moment with the boys investigating primary and secondary sources of information.

They have been assisted through the resources in the library, websites, expert speakers and news articles.  The boys were fortunate enough to have three key speakers to ignite their ideas for inquiry: Harold Yap (The Future of Technology); Dr Michael Lovegrove (The Future of Medicine) and Marcus Ashby (The Future of Artificial Intelligence).  This has paved the way for some exciting investigations about the advancement of technology and its impact. 

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Mrs Irene Louden
Year 5 Teacher